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Sweet Can presents
Mittens & Mistletoe
Dec 22-Dec 28
Dance Mission Theater
Kerri Kresinski

Beth Clarke

Jamie Coventry

Joanna Haigood

Natasha Kaluza

Kerri Kresinski

Nobu Kaluza

Eric Oberthaler

Tad Shannon

Matt White
Kerri has been performing for her entire life. Her style is eclectic building from her foundation of classical and modern dance and acrobatics, and adding depth from Butoh, height from aerial acrobatics, and spice from African, Hip-Hop, Bellydance, and Funk. This has given Kerri a very unique look and approach to movement. Kerri has performed in shows all over the world including the New Pickle Circus, Mtv's "My Super Sweet Sixteen," and she is a co-founder of Sweet Can Circus. She makes a living performing her aerial tissu and double straps acts, dancing, playing percussion, stilt-walking, bodywork, and teaching yoga, acrobatics, aerial and dance. Kerri is known for her ability to physicalize emotion in her movement in the air and on the floor. You can also find Kerri at www.skysiren.com.

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