Sweet Can

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Sweet Can presents
Mittens & Mistletoe
Dec 22-Dec 28
Dance Mission Theater
Matt White

Beth Clarke

Jamie Coventry

Joanna Haigood

Natasha Kaluza

Kerri Kresinski

Nobu Kaluza

Eric Oberthaler

Tad Shannon

Matt White
Matt White - Flying Broom Matt learned the acrobatic trades at the Circus Center in San Francisco under the excellent instruction of Master Trainers Lu Yi and Xia Ke Min both from the famed Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe. Before specializing in Hand-to-Hand Balancing, Matt was a generalist of Chinese Acrobatics: scaling the Chines Pole, flying and catching from the Teeterboard, supporting Human Pyramids, and performing handstands on tiny wooden blocks. His aerial training in straps came later with Angelo Rodriguez and Viktor Fomin in Montreal. Before the birth of Sweet Can, Matt worked with the New Pickle Circus, Teatro Zinzanni, various Cabarets in Europe, and corporate events across the U.S. His latest apparatus from "Yes Sweet Can" is the flying broom, adapted from the age-old flying fork of Chinese Circus.With its soft bristles, and silky handle, the broom is an excellent dance and acrobatic partner that twirls, rolls up and down the body and flies with Matt everywhere he goes.

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