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Sweet Can presents
Mittens & Mistletoe
Dec 22-Dec 28
Dance Mission Theater
Natasha Kaluza

Beth Clarke

Jamie Coventry

Joanna Haigood

Natasha Kaluza

Kerri Kresinski

Nobu Kaluza

Eric Oberthaler

Tad Shannon

Matt White
Natasha Kaluza (The Super Duper Hula Hooper) has a degree in Theater Arts, a Graduate Certificate in Dance, and Holistic Health Certification all from UC Santa Cruz - go banana slugs! After a short stint in publishing, she turned back to her dreams of performing and ended up in the Clown Conservatory at the SF Circus Center. She has spent the last six years coaching youth circus and performing locally and abroad. She's worked with: One Thought Theatre, Flynn Creek Circus, Circus of Sound, New Pickle Circus, The Pickle's School Tour, NY Clown Festival, Smirkus, Sweet Can, and more. She is also one half of the award winning clown duet: Coventry & Kaluza. (www.youtube.com/coventryandkaluza)

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